Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hermes Griffin

Sadly I never made the connection between Hermes and Stewie until it was brought up today in class. But it's true and it's hilarious! Except for the fact that Stewie wants to kill his mom and I don't think Hermes was that obsessed with that. I read somewhere that Hermes is the God of literature which I think is absolutely perfect! I have Greg Keeler this semester and he just said in class today "people always ask me why I didn't go into computers since that's where all the money is.. well I can't bullshit my way through computers." It was pretty funny in class and it still is but it's true!!! And I think I really like knowing that Hermes is in charge of it all. :) You need a certain brain to read and read like an English major and that brain lets you pull random meanings and facts out of stories that aren't there but it sure does sound good (especially on a test that you didn't study or read anything for). I think all English majors have a little Hermes in us.

So we were asked if we ever stole anything and then lied about it. I was a pretty rotten child, I'll admit it, I've stolen everything from a pack of gum to electronics but for all you cops reading this, don't worry! I've turned over a new leaf! Heck, I'm even dating a Marine! See? No need to come looking for me! And even though I lied back then I've learned it's much easier just to tell the truth since there is indeed less you have to remember that way. 

Another question was if I was ever so bored I fell asleep. Yes, although part of the reason was I had worked all day at my riding stable back in Delaware teaching lessons and feeding and training, but my girlfriend and I sat down to watch "Grapes of Wrath" and didn't even make it through the opening credits :) Yes I blame the movie.