Monday, January 26, 2009

Heading to the Gothic Land...

So I'm heading to Iowa on Thursday, I had a dumb moment and bought a 76 Firebird and need to go pick it up so I won't be in class on Friday, possibly not Monday either depending on how the roads are and if I can get up after a 36 hour drive in three days.... *sigh* 

I feel sorry for the master note takers in the class :) especially after todays lecture.

I'm curious how we transitioned from the raunchy Greeks, to the pious Christians to the... whatever we might be now... Granted I know there were a few other transitions in there but still, it seems we as a race, when we want to change something, we CHANGE it... 

There was a sentence in the intro to Antigone that caught me that I want to ramble off on, it's the last sentence of the very first paragraph of the intro, "The kindness that does not listen can be lethal." 

I think that is an amazing quote because of how true it is. People don't think of kindness as a bad thing but I used to volunteer at the VOICE center on campus and kindness can be just as dangerous as just plain being openly mean, if not more so. 

I swear once I get back from Iowa my entries will improve, just trying to read, type, pack and do *shutter* math homework all at once and trying to get ahead in all my classes so I can fall behind in them in two days... 

Any there's my blurb...errr blog 

Friday, January 23, 2009

To Demeter

This myth annoyed me to no end. In fact I will hold this myth accountable for a major flaw in society. How to put my rant into a coherent ramble? So this daughter is abducted by people and the mom wants her back. Ok. Understandable. However, how old is the daughter? Does that really matter? Way back when girls were married at seven years old. And it seems, based on other tellings of this tale that Persephone falls in love with her capture, so why can't the mother get over it? Is her daughter supposed to live at home till she's 40? I realize they are gods so 40 really doesn't mean anything, but honestly? Why is there such a huge deal made of keeping families together - as in in the same area? Isn't the point of having children to prepare them to go off and make their OWN lives? Not continue to live in the same one? I bet you that if Demeter had had a son there would be no story like this. Men are SUPPOSED to go off and make their own way, while women are supposed to stay and be weighed down with family and if not they are considered evil and ungrateful. It's a double standard and annoys me. And there is my rant

On another note, this story is the Elizabeth Smart story

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Week One

Hey look! I'm trendy and now have a blog!