Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Death be with you

April 2nd

We talked a lot about philosophy in the last class. It was really kinda neat, although I myself am terrified of religious people and don’t get to talk about that kind of thing with a small group. I really enjoy larger group discussions on it. It is also kind of neat to think that maybe the ancient Romans and Greeks were Buddhists! Well… minus all the death and torture and such… But the Greeks and Romans did seem to believe in “after life’s,” Ovid’s Metamorphosis is nothing but re-births, whether they be into another sort of life (human to animal), or a belief in sacrifice to become greater. THERE IS NO DEATH. But a question was posed that struck me—well, it’s always struck me—as interesting…

Is ignorance bliss?
I myself have always thought NO!!!!! I loath and despise not knowing things or being the last to know things. I need to know the truth as soon as it occurs no matter what the consequences to my feelings. That’s just me. I know a lot of other people are happy to live in their imaginary worlds of falsehood, and maybe that is best for them. I used to work at the VOICE center on campus and had to put my feelings aside a lot of times to help someone in need and a lot of those people were not in a position to acknowledge the truth just yet. I guess it depends on you as a person, as well as financial obligations and other outside factors.

The statement was also made that “Everyday is an adventure,” but that many many people forget this because our lives have become so mundane. That’s absolutely true! Every day does have the potential to be an amazing adventure, but in this day and age everyone is in too much of a rush to take their time and find it. Even something simple as taking the long way in to work could be a new adventure… But people just want to get from point a to point b and back again. The journey has become obsolete.

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