Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Individual Presentations

I'm looking back in my note book on the notes I took during the pressentation.... The notes aren't great to be completely honest, but how do you take notes on random pressentations of less than a few minutes? Not to mention on the first day I was ridiculously nervous because I strongly dislike talking in front of people-ESPECIAlLY when I'm trying to read notes because I always lose my place and end up looking silly... but I suppose everyone does that...


Individual presentations. I really enjoyed the pressentation on the idea that no one can be original. It's true! Every book I've read, every movie you've seen, you can almost always piece it to something else that already exsists. Including our very presentations! :)

Life is suffereing. Yes and no... I can't remember what the whole presentation was on, I just have that as a jump off point... :(

Love and lust. I liked this one too. The pure love of a child, the lust of a teenager, the true love (hopefully) of old age mixed with a little exciting lust.

Kagy chorus :) LOL! :) All that is past possesses the present. How funny that in this day and age we still have old men chorus's wandering around and judging people that walk by.

Spirited away. My god! A movie I've actually SEEN!!! :) I was so exciting! I never am able to join in wen people reference movies :) YEY! But of course I didn't jot down the differnt stories she refernced in her presentation.

Death of children. This was such a sad one :( It was definatly thought provoking though. Why do parents (mom's) kill their children? I liked her idea that they do it to keep their innocence and keep them from losing it... but it's still so terrible. This society doens't seem to think of children as people anymore, they seem to think of them more as pets.... but pets you get government assistance for having... look at the octuplets lady... why on earth would you want that many children?? And does she really think she can give ALL of them a happy childhood with being a single parent on food stamps???? Slightly off topic, but not really.

What is tragedy and Why do we have it? Tragedy brings joy. Without tragedy we would not view the joyful moments with as much joy as we do. Without death, we would not see life as precious, we would take things for granted more than we already do. I guess this morphed into the love and death presentation too... oops.

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