Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Group Pressentations II

I made it today! (well, monday) and the presentations were great! The first group was a group of all women (girl power!) and they did a dance and a couple of skits that were a hoot and all the skits were based on true stories (more or less) and each story was also an adaptation of one of the stories we have read in class. I especally liked the poor little pinkish unwanted puppy. Good for the group for their improving when their computer malfunctioned and they had no music for thier dance. Bravo!

Group 4 did a movie about Midas in the form of Donald Trump :) I would have liked to have seen the reactions of people driving by as Jesus was walking down the street and accosting Trump :) The film was really well done, you could tell they put effort into it with the cutting and shifting of scenes. It was way over the top which it what they said they wanted out of it. :) I would have actually liked to have seen Trump with asses ears, but him being bald was equally funny since he has that bad combover thing anyway :)

The group presentations were tough. So were the individual one's. I think it's really hard to come up with topics when the boundaries are limitless. Good job to everyone for both!

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