Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Individual Presentations III

I'm realizing now that I combined two days of presentations into one entry... oops... Note taking is not my strong point.

So the third day of presentations consisted of...

Violence... nature or nurture? I liked his presentation because it's something I feel strongly about too. I've been a huge activist when it comes to violence in schools and school shootings like Columbine. Violence has been around since the very begining of time, and we have seen that with the myths and stories we have read in class. Violence is just part of human nature and as much as it sucks, it is. I also used to volunteer at the VOICE center and *THIS IS MY OPINION AND NOT THE OPINION OF THE VOICE CENTER!* I agree that showing people scenes of violence won't turn someone violent unless they already wanted to BE violent.

Echo. The most powerful story in mythology.

The 4 ages and are we really living in the iron age? Was life really better in "the good ol' days?" I believe her arguement was no, that life is beautiful. I think this is a really hard one, because although we have lost a lot of good qualities that used to run society, we have gained many more groups of people that are now concidered part of our society (women, blacks, Jews) that once were not allowed to exist as even humans. But gangs and gun violence and family values have all deteriorated.... I think a lot more thought would have to go into this... maybe I'll have time to write a whole entry on it in a bit...

Being original came up again :) Ironic but truthful

Death was brought up again too.... and death is the mother of all beauty.

Present day as a Greek myth. :)

Females as possessions.... not much has changed here. I always found it funny that when I couple gets engaged, the only "proof" is the ring the woman wears proving she belongs to someone, the guy remains the same.

Vegitarianism and Calisto.... I wish I had taken this class about five years ago. I was a vegitarian for about 12 years and I LOATHED the people that argued with me about it. I lived on the East Coast and back there there was no reason to eat meat. Out here, it really is just part of everyday life. Anwyay, would have been nice to have that arguement to back me up...

Magic and the loss of innocence. Loss of innocence was a re-occuring theme too. I don't like being a grown up anymore :( Life is disallusioning, and the first big blow is the worst thing ever. The truth about santa, or finding out your parents don't like each other. But in this class we gained some of that magic back, because even though we all know that people can't turn into constilations, or asses and that Gods and Goddesses, if they exist certainly don't seem to care enough about us to come down and change things and teach personal lessons. But it opens up that child part of our brain so that these stories seem possible and probable! It takes us back to when we were perfect and causes our shoulder blades to itch :)

Musay? Mussay? and the first love song. I liked this presentation :) very creative

The power of Eyes. The eyes are the wondow to the soul. You can see so much when you look someone in the eyes.


and finally

Metamorphosis in our daily lives. This one was a cute one too. Although my notes are lacking on this one because I was listening too much and note writing. :( Again, the past possesses the pressent. This is what our group pressenation was dealing with too :)

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