Sunday, April 12, 2009

Did You Ever Steal Anything? And Lied About it?

Feb 4th

Has the statute of limitations expired on these already? Hopefully. I think it’s only human nature to steal things and it’s also human nature to lie about them because it’s not SUPPOSED to be human nature to do these things. The human being is an odd creature, so intent on leaving behind our natural urges and wants for the greater good. Yes, I’ve stolen things, I’ve stolen things deliberately and accidentally and even stolen things in the gray area of maybe it was stealing, maybe not… ever find something that’s not yours somewhere? School, the park, the mall? Ever simply stick it in your pocket? Is that stealing? Yes, but you didn’t actually STEAL it, you found it…. I digress. Yes I have stolen things, hmmmm, but what do I want to admit to the world? Well, since this is an English class I will fess up to something English related J I stole a book… and yes I lied about it, but I was younger and wanted it and so I took it. But I still have it today and take very good care of it so technically I rescued it… So there.

The second question posed was:

Have You Ever Been SO Bored You Fell Asleep? …I accidentally capitalized the “o” in “so” but I think it works nicely so I will keep it as is.

Well, yes and no. I was bored and tired. I had just spent the entire day out at the barn with a girlfriend, doing barn chores, horseback riding, and teaching lessons when I went over to her house for dinner, After dinner we sat down to watch tv for a bit and found out “The Grapes of Wrath” was on… before the opening credits were even over we were both asleep. To this day we still tease each other on the ability to be knocked unconscious by that movie J

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