Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Final Post

What a semester! I wish I had had more time to devote to this class. Out of all the classes that I take that I'm forced to not put as much effort into as I would like, I regret this one the most. IT's hard going to school full time and working full time too. The class was amazing, I learned so much and I learned how to look for what I already know in daily life. Movies and books and situations. It put a little bit of magic back into my daily life and I like it. I'm not sure how else to write things without sounding totally corny but... it was a great class. Minus the spelling.... i hate spelling and it was just mean making us spell some of these names. Boo hiss. It gave me the ability to pause and think about situations that happen everyday. Like the "Whatever" play. Conversations and fights and love all make me smile now because I know the secret behind them and that's just plain cool. :) I think it's fitting that it's snowwy and cold and overcast while I write this last entry. It's sad but with the (rain) will come flowers and green grass of spring/summer. So is with this class. The class is over but the knowledge will continue to grow. Thank you Dr. Sexton!

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