Thursday, April 16, 2009

Deprived Childhood

Not really, but sometimes I think that. We talked a lot in class on Wed about Cupid and Psyche and how their story resembles quite a few Disney stories. *sigh* I hated Disney movies as a child, I still do! I actually hated all tv when I was little, I liked playing outside. I'm sure I HAVE seen Cinderella, and Snow White, etc... but I don't remember much about them if I have. I still to this day get massive ADD when trying to sit and watch tv for more than twenty minutes, I start hopping around, pausing the movie (of possible) and reading, getting up.... Anyway, the point of this babble is, I'm thinking now that I might be missing out on a lot of connections (especially in this class) because I don't know any of the "popular" things I should know. I've never read harry potter or the lion, the witch and the wardrobe , never seen ANY movie really, I do like the Simpsons so that's a plus for me.... But I miss a lot I think.
My term paper might reveal a little more of my out of touchness... I'm not sure, it was a question that I had and wanted to get answered and decided why not answer it well and write a paper on it, so that's what I did. I hope it is valid, I'm not too great at being told to just write a paper, I like some direction on term papers, oh well, guess we will find out. Speaking of term papers, I just put the finishing touches on mine. I hate public speaking :( We'll see how badly I do with it tomorrow...
Boy, I'm kinda grumpy tonight, I blame the snow!

I think it's neat that we got to Isis! I like Isis!
*fumbles around to upload a picture...*

Hmmm... not exactly where I wanted to picture to go.... or the size of it.... but ok....
I also find it kind of humorous that Love and Psyche got together and created Pleasure... Pleasure is not really what I think of when you combine Love and the psyche.
So, the last statement that was said in class I think is fitting for the end of class in general:
"It's a happy ending but you need to be initiated to it."

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