Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Suffering the Fleet?

March 23rd

I really had a connection with today’s topic of discussion! Why do we write? J Ahhhh. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to write. Maybe I’m not very good at it… I certainly stink at technically writing. But I so do enjoy writing and letters. We talked about how writing gives you power over something that otherwise would control you. Say an event or a feeling. When we write we get that emotion out of us. I’ve always kept a journal, I have volumes upon volumes of notebooks and journals and such filled with my writing chronicling most of my life. It is powerful, to look at my bookshelf and see books filled with parts of me. I’m getting rather personal so maybe I should move on..

Suffering… all is suffering, all is fleeting. I don’t believe it, all is suffering and all CAN be fleeting, if you face things head on. Things don’t just go away, they have to be buried – at least in regards to suffering and pain. You can’t ignore pain because that is what pain feeds on. Suffering needs your attention to be scared away.

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