Sunday, April 12, 2009

My bloody valentine

Feb 6th

Ah… the threat of Valentine’s Day is in the air… The play “Whatever” was sadly funny. I say sadly because we all know that it is NORMAL L I don’t understand how we have all these great holidays that stand for these great things, and they get so commercialized that they don’t mean anything anymore. Valentine’s Day. The most dreaded two words – well, no, but definitely dreaded words a man can hear. Why all the pressure on the man? Is it because the God of Love was a man? Hmmm, that’s an interesting thought actually… Is that why men are supposed to do these huge, extravagant things on V Day and why the woman is basically off the hook? Why don’t we make a big deal out of what the woman gets the man? Is it because men aren’t supposed to take gifts from women since they are the bread winners and the head of the house hold? Hmmm! I may be on to something…nothing important mind you, just a good tangent. Sometimes that’s all you need. Herme’s was said to understand the importance of gift giving. So because he understood it we now force all men in this day and age to buy women shiny or smelling things? He was also the God of travelers wasn’t he? Is that why men always have to drive the car whenever you go somewhere? Yes, yes, now I’m stretching it, but it’s still partially true, I know a lot of men that insist that they drive everywhere…

Everything Past Posses the Pressent….


And because this is a college course, we must learn things as well as ramble so:

Steiner’s 5 Constants Conflicts:
Man and Woman
Age and Youth
Individual and Society
Living and the Dead
Immortals and Mortals

I also liked the quote of “Apollo got his lyre from a liar” J

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