Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What is love?

Feb 14th

We were asked the question what is love? and if it's even a question that has an answer.... well.... I don't know. I think everyone can look back on what they thought was at one time or another "love" but I don't know many people that can do it and say "yes I did love them." Why? Why is love such a strange emotion? Socrates said in the Symposium, that love can never be perfect because love is wanting and you can't want what you already have, you can only want more. I think that this is wrong, I think if you honestly love someone you will want more, but you will want more from them.

That brings us back to what the heck IS love? Is it an emotion? Is it simply a chemical reaction? Is it something just made up because people don't like to be alone? Maybe all of the above... I don't know. I think it involves a longing to make yourself better for someone else, and a longing to help that other person be the best they can be. I think it's the compassion to be effected (affected?) by how the other person feels, and effected so fully and wholey it hurts. I think love is true and honest and that it doesn't have an answer. It just is.

No...that was not a cop out :)

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